Deck Painting
and Staining

We are a Deck Painting/Staining Company

We've been caring for decks of all types for many years. Professional maintenance is needed to prolong the life of your deck while making it a beautiful and enjoyable extension of your living space. Our customers rely on our annual or bi-annual services to maintain their decks, porches, fences, pergolas, and furniture!

Friendly & Professional Service

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Re-Staining Old Decks

The exact approach to refinish a deck will depend on its current finish and what your budget goals are. Extend the life of your deck by applying a weather-resistant paint or exterior stain annually or bi-annually.  We check your deck for any rotted wood and assess whether you need to replace boards, or if it’s sound enough to continue.  Our process begins by power-washing and cleaning the deck surfaces with biodegradable soap and /or bleach.   
Next, we will sand the deck with the appropriate grit sandpaper and/or orbital sanders.  There are many types of stains and finishes to choose from to provide a lasting finish.

Painted Wood Deck

If you want a more finished look for your deck that doesn’t show the wood grain, then painting allows you to use any color you want. Because paint is solid, you can completely cover an old color or the wood itself, which means your options are wide open. Paint is a thicker finish, so it can often be useful for repairing wood that has already been damaged a little by the elements. Paint resists rot, mold, and sun damage better than other options. 

Wood stained Decks

Stains and sealers retain the natural beauty of wood and let the wood grain show through.  Stains come in a variety of colors, and the products will minimize cracking, splitting or warping.  If your deck is already stained and sealed, we will clean it and re-apply the products annually or bi-annually to keep them looking new!  If your deck is painted and you want it stained, we can strip it, clean it and apply a stain finish.

Power Washing

Deep-cleaning the wood is an important step in deck maintenance or refinishing. A good scrubbing with a brush goes a long way! Power washing can be a very effective way to deep-clean a deck, but it can also easily damage the wood if it's done improperly.  Hiring a professional that knows about the correct water pressure for soft to hard decks will take the guess work out of the process.

Sanding Your Deck

Sanding a deck before refinishing is recommended if the boards are rough and/or badly sun-damaged. If the main deck surface is in relatively good condition, we may only sand the handrails and perhaps do some spot-sanding in damaged or discolored areas. Smooth handrails are important for preventing splinters.

Selecting a stain

Selecting a stain or paint can be daunting. Sikkens, Penofin and SuperDeck are among some the products we use for a stained deck. There are also simple clear sealers that penetrate and seal the wood while enhancing the color of the deck.

Staining New Decks

For pressure-treated wood, we recommend you allow the wood to weather, creating an ideal porous surface that will hold stain better. Harder types of wood, such as mahogany or teak need to be sanded thoroughly to provide proper adhesion of coatings.  
We recommend reapplying a decking preservative annually or bi-annually to keep your deck looking its best!