Exterior Painting

Residential House Painting

Painting the exterior of your house doesn’t just refresh the color. Regular upkeep can help protect your house from the wear and tear of time and harsh weather conditions. The paints we use, such as Benjamin Moore, California and Fine Paints of Europe can provide a protective barrier for every surface of your exterior. We are a quality conscious, premium painting company, serving Westchester and Fairfield Counties for over 30 years. Look no further…we are a company you can trust with experience and dedication for a quality paint job every time!

Friendly & Professional Service

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When Painting the Exterior of a House

Preparation is the cornerstone to making your house look beautiful and last for many years. We don’t take shortcuts that compromise the performance of the exterior coatings used. Before work begins on your house, we will consult with you or your decorator on the color choices. We will set up a dedicated site for tools and go over the schedule with you. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work.

That’s why John Gregoras offers a two-year written warranty on all exterior workmanship.

Let us be your Local Exterior House Painter!

We provide the following steps to ensure your paint job will last for years to come:


Power washing

We power wash your house with bleach and biodegradable soaps



We start with a clean canvas and scrape off loose paint and debris



Complete sanding of all trouble spots to bare wood


Double Prime

Double prime any bare wood with slow drying quality oil base primer


Filling of nail holes

We fill nail holes with wood filler or plaster compound mixture.



Caulking of all joints where siding meets trim



Application of quality primers, paints and stains such as Benjamin Moore, California Paints & Fine Paints of Europe


Clean Up

Daily clean-up of work site

Reliable Crew

Our company always assigns the best available talent to the project at hand. We choose our workforce carefully so that their skills match the requirements of the project. Each employee is personally supervised by the company owner, during the preparation and painting process.

Thorough Preparation

Preparation is the most essential step in a quality paint job. We carefully protect all surfaces and landscaping, with products such as Masonite, drop cloths and ladder mitts. We provide a safe and orderly worksite for every job, big or small.  Sanding, priming, caulking and double priming bare wood are the basic building blocks for a lasting paint finish.

Licensed and Insured

We carry all licenses and are fully insured with workers compensation, liability and umbrella coverage.


We can handle all of your exterior surfaces such as:

  • Wood, Composite , Vinyl Siding and Hardy Board
  • Doors, Windows, Fascia
  • Eaves, Shutters, Columns
  • Railings, Pergolas, Decks
  • Fencing, Woodwork and more!