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Lead paint removal
certified contractor

EPA RRP Lead Certified Painter

In April 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a mandate that has had a significant impact on the remodeling and home improvement industry.

John Gregoras Painting has received the EPA Certification
(Certification # R-R-18329-15-00537) to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting activities pursuant to 40CFR Part 745.89.


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Was Your Home Built Before 1978?

According to the EPA, most buildings built prior to 1978 will likely contain lead-based paint, a heavy mercury-like substance that is a health hazard to humans. Fortunately, now that the dangers of latent lead-based paint have become public knowledge, the EPA is actively involved in creating stringent regulations that govern the renovation of older homes containing this substance.

If your home was built before 1978, it is vital to ensure that the contractor you are working with is EPA RRP Certified. When you work with John Gregoras Painters, you know your lead-based paint project will be handled in a safe manner that complies with regulation from the EPA.

Lead Safe Practices

(From Renovate Right Brochure Provided By The EPA)

  • The work areas should not be accessible to occupants while the work occurs.
  • The rooms/areas where work is being done will be contained or sealed with plastic sheeting to contain any dust that is generated.
  • We will make a pathway from the work area to the outside, in order to bring materials in and out of the building.
  • Our crews will adhere to strict work/protection practices, including body protection, respirators and goggles.
  • Use of a HEPA vacuum to clean up dust and debris on all surfaces.
  • Final cleanup check is imperative.